Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Blog Post

My name is John Massey and I am currently studying business. In my free time I really enjoy reading. Typically I get into non-fiction books that really force me to think. I'm currently reading an interesting book called The Case for Christ, which is about an atheists journey to prove Christianity false by interviewing Christian professors but actually accepts it as truth down the road. I also train and compete in mixed martial arts. It's something that has acted as an outlet in my life. I have competed in three fights with one scheduled in may and it's something that I genuinely have a lot of fun doing.

The profile that was very interesting to me was Maury Graham. I found it very interesting that there was a whole underground sub culture for homeless people. I never knew that this was a chosen lifestyle by people. I always just thought that it was an unfortunate situation that people seemed to find themselves in. I really admired the work ethic displayed by these hobos despite not having a traditional job. I really found the simplicity of this lifestyle very interesting as well. All Maury had to worry about from a day to day basis is who was going to let him work for a meal.  


  1. That's really cool that you do martial arts! Good luck in May!
    I agree that their work ethic is admirable, and that isn't something you see a lot from people today. It would be nice if everyone could only worry about food and shelter, without all of the hassles of everyday life.

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  3. The fact that the hobos work to earn their meals and work is something to admire isn't something that our generation are capable of because some of us are not concern about food and some where to sleep.