Thursday, March 29, 2012

Intro and profile two

Hi, am Aisha.. i am sophomore, am currently majoring at dental hygiene..this is my third quarter coming to Marion. it had been amazing journey for me,  i honestly prefer small campus than a huge campus. getting the opportunity to get feedback from your professors and getting help.

 One of the amazing profiles was Lawrence W. "Happy" Davis.. it had more information about the Davis also, it showed me how its had to rise 7 children because my mother had 10 children and i was the last born but i never seen any difficulties in my life. Davis does not only talk about his life he also telling us no matter what happens at the end of the day a parent always have their difficulties rising a child in such a poverty. depending on tips was his life..


  1. Completely agree with the small campus feel! I can't imagine what it is like for a parent to have to raise so many kids!

  2. right!!! small campus one amazing thing that Ohio state did..