Thursday, March 29, 2012

About Me!!! and a little bit about Happy too :)

     My name is Shelby Brooke Terrill, I am a senior here at OSUM and am going into Education with concentrations in English, History, and Science. I went to both Elgin and Highland High Schools and graduated in 2010 from Highland. I have two jobs that keep me pretty busy, but in my spare time I hang out with my fiance and sometimes my five younger siblings playing basketball (or attempting to), soccer (attempting to do that to), kickball (which I can actually do), or volleyball (that has become my family's favorite sport). I like to go to water parks and visit amusement parks with my friends in the summers as well as pools to get a good healthy summer tan.
     For the profiles that we  read for today's class, I was most interested in Lawrence "Happy" Davis' story. Lawrence got to meet a lot of amazing people through his job even if he felt all he did was people sit, because I feel like all I do is people sit too the majority of the time, but I get to meet some pretty amazing people too (even if they aren't famous). His experiences made him who he was and even if the life drove him nuts he admits that it was good for him. I even liked the part about how he lied about his age in the very beginning. He's an amazing man and people like this are the ones that I wish I could meet in person.

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  1. No Dennis Rodman?? Haha

    I like the profile about Happy Davis. Good stuff.