Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hey my name is Tyler Craig. I'm Education major studying Sports Leadership here at OSUM. This is my third University in 5 years. My first two years of college I played basketball for a small college in Nashville, TN at Lipscomb University. I graduated from Marysville high school in 2007 and love the game of basketball. I am now the Varsity Assistant at Marysville and have been coaching for 3 years now. I love coaching and spending time with kids. I would like to be a high school coach someday and then hopefully be at the college level. I also love to golf!

Today was my first time in the class, so I don't have the book yet. I researched the one and only Dennis Rodman and some of his attributes. He was very eccentric in the way he played the game of basketball and overall just how he lived. He was a claimed bisexual and once even tried to marry himself. This is all after he tried to have a child with Madonna which didn't work out too well. He broke the social stereotype of a professional athlete, let alone one who was very successful. He not only won NBA championships, but was apart of a team with the greatest basketball player ever in Michael Jordan. Dennis Rodman man, what a guy.



  1. What a piece of work, right? I read the police have been called to his house 80 times where he lives in California. I wouldn't want to live next door to him!