Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello Everyone!

     My name is Kara Moore. I am a mother of a 3 year old boy. He takes up a lot of my time if i am not working or doing school work. We like to go to the park and play or go fishing when its nice out. We don't do a lot but we have fun. I am currently studying Animal Science here at Marion OSU. I eventually want to go work at the zoo and work with animals you don't see on a regular basis. One day I would love to travel the world to see different types of animals in their natural environments.
     Today, I was able to research a few people who we know as eccentric and not the "norm". I will tell you a little about Howard Hughes and Lady Gaga. I know when I say Lady Gaga some of you think, "not her!". Even though she may come off a little odd she actually studied at a few art schools and this is where she learned it is okay to think a little different than other people and not everyone will always have the same taste in "art" as you. She can be a role model to some people in her way of thinking. The other person, Howard Hughes was a very interesting man to look up to. Hughes invented his own version of a motorized bike at a young age using parts from a steam engine. Not many people can create things or think up different ways of doing things but he did. He was not only an engineer and a film producer, he was also able to set multiple air speed records. This was probably an influence to him creating what we now know as American Airlines. I found him very interesting.

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  1. Hi Kara:)

    I am also working on my animial science degree here at osu. I am seeking a vet. degree, but would also love to work at the zoo. Exotic animials are one of my passions, i am particulary fond of the silver back gorillas but they all hold a special place in my heart:) just wanted to share as we are both alike in the fact that we love animials:) good luck with your studies and maybe our paths will meet agian in the animial world lol:)