Monday, June 4, 2012


Introduction: The reason why I chose Walt Disney is that he is the kind of person that cares about the people around him, and is open minded about what other people have to say about him or his work. Who doesn’t like the person that invented Mickey Mouse? He was a character and American dreamer and definitely entertainment visionary.

The Poem:

There was a man named Walt Disney
Whose imagination did soar,
He created many visions
And gave us so much more

He created and turned 
All his thought into a place,
Where everyone feels good 
And wears smiles upon their face

He also brought to life 
Many characters that he drew,
Was one determined goal 
Was with thought for me and you 

He is a fine example 
Of what someone can do,
When believing in their dreams
And making them come true.

                                                   The Image of the Poem


                      Walt, Disney American dreamer and entertainment visionary

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  1. Nice creative work, Farhiya and thanks for posting this. Good combination of sound and sense here!