Monday, June 4, 2012

I chose to write about Martha Graham, dance visionary.  I think she is a great unique woman who is very talented and I have watched some of her dance videos before and I really enjoyed all the dance steps she was doing even. Is not easy doing the moves Martha Graham does because it takes a lot of talent also your body has to be able to move like the way Martha moves.  There are many people who dance but what makes Martha Graham dances different are that her dances tell stories and have drama which involves with theater and that makes her a very interesting person.

Wow a woman with great moves
She dances to tell you stories 
Her movements are always expressing her emotions.

Every move she makes, every step she takes,
Every dance she makes is the human emotions 
Human emotions are not always beautiful 
What makes it beautiful is putting dances into action almost like using words.

Wow with her dance moves you can tell the peaceful moments in the story
Wow with her dance moves you can tell the painful moments within the story.
Wow with her dance moves you can solve the puzzles within the story.

People might not listen when you want them to listen,
People might not hear your words when you want them to hear it
But people might listen or hear when words are put into actions, which
That leads to dancing and dancing will be translated into the human emotions
  You were looking to get.

Her dance moments are real beauty,
and is wonderful which got her to be successful.

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  1. Really lovely image to go with the graceful poem. Hope you enjoyed doing this Ayan and can you please fix the video so you can get full credit?