Saturday, June 2, 2012

Aisha Hersi

Introduction: I have chosen Sojourner Truth, slave and abolitionist because I thought I could put myself into the shoes of Sojourner. The hard times she went through getting slaved and I liked how she beginning new rights for women. I like the fact that she stand out and Reading her biography was so amazing, For Example as she devoted her life to speak out in public speaking to express how she felt about  the evil of slavery and the oppression of women. She wanted to stand out for her gender.
The Poem:
Take down the blinds take down the chains
And even then the pain remains.
The caller of truth ignites the rain.
No mountain no caves could ever tame.
The hearts of man, as they dies in vain the pulse is weakened with freedoms name.
The blood written on stones, on cellar walls
The call of freedom cannot be stalled
Sojourner truth in her white apron mock
Leads the path, of liberties dock
She speaks of freedom as sweet as night
Remorse, regret, for families lost
Cannot diminish this heavenly cost,
To our defender, to out sojourn of youth
Live in the fight of freedoms rights
No exception, no pains, just equalities light
                                                    The image of the poem

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  1. Aisha, you need to fix the video so it works. I really like the poem and hope you enjoyed learning about this amazing woman!