Sunday, June 3, 2012

Aaron's Poem

I decided to write about Walt Disney. I chose to write about him because he is known by everyone and his work is still used to this day and is expanded even though he is no longer alive. I see him as a great American figure and it inspired my writing. Walt Disney was the inventor of many Disney characters, his most famous is mickey mouse.

*Sorry for the fast reading, only had 30 seconds to record.

Walt Disney

Some may call him creative
Others call him an inventor,
He formed the most known characters
And put them in the most known park.
Like a Olympic medalist
He earned all the fame.

He dreamed his dreams
And fulfilled the dreams of children,
His mind ran like the wind
Full of great invention.

The park he created
Is enjoyed by so many,
By using his imagination
Not costing him a penny.

In the minds of others
He will never be forgotten,
And the ideas he created
Will be used all the often.

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  1. My favorite rhyme is many and penny! Nice work and thanks for posting Aaron!