Monday, June 4, 2012

My Poem about Andy Warhol

           For my poem I would like to say little about a famous artist, who's also the leader of the Visual Art Movement, Andy Warhol. He is one of the successful artists in the American history. Andy Warhol was an American dreamer who was not willing to give up in his dream very easily, his talent keep him going. He accomplished a lot of memorable art work in a small period of time. and then he owned one of the largest museum in the U.S., where he  holds all his amazing collections of art and archives.

My Poem

Andy Warhal ain't no fool
but he accomplished a lot of drawing
as matter of fact he is calm and cool
I loved his unique painting

yes he is one successfull dreamer
he didn't had 'no' for an answer and never said never
the media called him the prince of pop
I call him the artistic hope

David Bowie's lyrics, about andy warhol
seems to be little tricky
as he sings an amazing song
Ohh boy! it was pretty long

Andy Warhol looks a screem
Hang him on my wall
Andy Warhol, silver screen
can't tell them apart at all

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